Teen Challenge Rhode Island | The Alumni Project
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The Alumni Project

Let us arise and build! We plan to break ground in June on our new 15,000 square foot 3-story building. Half of this facility will house 30-60 day short-term residents. It is our intention to help any and all men who wish to transform their lives.
You may ask, “Why short-term?” We have found that a hindrance for many is committing to a long-term (15-month) program. With the greatly heightened amount of opiates and heroin cut with fentanyl deaths, there is a critical need for intervention. The short- term residents will intermingle with those who are in our long-term program. They will be able to attend chapel services, eat meals, receive group counseling as well as spend recreational time together. We believe that when they see the transformation in our long-term residents’ lives and their restoration with their families, at least 50 percent of the short-term residents will be encouraged to want the same.
We are trusting God that once again all the funds needed for this project will be raised. Please join us in prayer as Teen Challenge Brockton’s leadership embarks on its next step in the War against Addiction.