Bridget Kozelian
Assistant Director

Growing up in a Long Island, New York home that was dysfunctional and functioning, where sarcasm and loyalty equaled love, behavioral issues were deeply embedded in Bridget’s understanding. After battling addiction for 17 years, completing 27 facilities within 12 years, and still in the cycle of relapse and recovery, she came through the doors of Adult & Teen Challenge Rhode Island in 2018 to avoid a jail sentence.

Although she had no knowledge of, or interest in God, He did a mighty work in her, radically rescuing her from a life of jails, institutions, and almost death. Bridget now lives for Jesus.

Filled with purpose and mission through the ministry of Adult & Teen Challenge, and having been in their shoes, Bridget now helps residents fight for their success as she fought for hers.

Although not 24/7, Bridget is more of a mother to her two boys today than ever before. Recently married, she looks forward to all that God has for her.

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