Krista Guzman
Program Development Coordinator

Krista spent half her life striving to achieve sobriety while never having dealt with the trauma of her childhood. This negatively affected every aspect of her life. In spite of multitudes of meetings, residential programs, and self-help books, life was still a constant battle.

Her own strength enabled her to accumulate nearly ten years of sobriety, hold multiple positions in the church, and graduate Assumption College with honors. On the outside she appeared to “have it all together,” her foundation built on achievements. Unfortunately, this life was not sustainable. 

Upon arriving at Teen Challenge Rhode Island she learned to build her life upon Christ as Savior and deal with her childhood emotional wounds. God healed her heart, and today she is the mother her children deserve and the wife her husband prayed for. 

She is truly grateful to be called by God to serve the women at Teen Challenge Rhode Island. Here she is able to share her past experiences to teach them that they too can find victory over their darkness through the light of Christ.

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