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I was raised with a knowledge of religion, but never fully understood my personal need for God until the year 1990. Once my heart’s eyes were opened to the truth, I completely committed my life to Jesus Christ. I served in a variety of ministries at North Providence Assembly of God, where my brother Pasco was the pastor.

I spent years putting my degree in elementary education to good use in hopes of creating a positive impact on young adult people in elementary school and junior high.  During this time is when I first met and became friends with Jacqui Strothoff. Jacqui shared with me about her long time vision to open a home for women struggling with life-controlling addictions. I saw the beauty of this plan and felt that God had laid a new calling on my heart. Together in 1993, Jacqui and I found a house on Elmwood Avenue that would become the first Teen Challenge New England Women’s Home.

Since the day the doors opened in 1994, my heart has been and continues to be for the Residents of this ministry. Throughout my 20 plus years of service, I have had the privilege of witnessing the miraculous power of God change lives. I consider it a tremendous honor and blessing to serve the ministry of Teen Challenge. I am constantly reminded of the Lord’s faithfulness as I nurture broken women, God ministers to my own heart.


To contact Deb McDonald: dmcdonald@tcrhodeisland.org


Assistant Director


January 2, 2002, I walked through the doors of Teen Challenge with nothing to my name but a brown paper bag and the clothes on my back. I immediately felt a peace that I have never experienced that I have been searching for my whole life. I came into the program very broken, hard and not sure how to receive love. I came in because I had a severe drug addiction, needed help to break free and was desperate to start a new life.

God had saved me and regenerated my heart 6 months prior to me coming through the doors, so I was willing to learn everything I could about the Bible, prayer and developing a relationship with Jesus Christ. I was willing to go through the very difficult healing process that included everything from abandonment, unforgivness and being a victim of human trafficking. The support and the structure of the program provided me with a safe place to really allow this healing process in my life. Slowly, my heart softened, I was able to receive love and began to trust people and God to move in my life.

Towards the end of the program I felt a very strong calling to stay and serve the ladies that were in the program and help them in their healing process.

I stayed with Teen Challenge for 12 years, and helped out in many different departments. I decided to leave in 2015 to further my professional development. I opened up my own Personal Training business and helped many people get on track with their health and fitness journey. I also received my Real Estate license in 2016 and developed my Real Estate Business. Through all of this time I was not feeling fulfilled and I missed the ministry of Teen Challenge.

In June 2017, I was offered and accepted the position to come back to Teen Challenge as the Program Supervisor and knew this was exactly where I was supposed to be. I was also invited to implement a Health and Wellness program into the structure of the program to teach the students how to exercise and take care of their bodies through nutrition and daily activity.

I am so incredibly grateful to be back serving in this ministry at such an amazing time while there are so many wonderful things happening through all of our campuses across Teen Challenge New England and New Jersey. I am thankful for a heart that I can love people with the same Love God has demonstrated to me in some of my darkest times.


To contact Tabatha Mello: tmello@tcrhodeisland.org


Financial Supervisor


Growing up in a traditional Italian family, the kitchen was the central place of my home where I spent countless hours with my mother and grandmother creating meals. There was a special feeling of warmth, joy and hospitality around all of the cooking, serving and entertaining. I enjoyed the interaction as much as the food itself. I felt a sense of joy and fulfillment spiritually as I served my family and others. I am now honored to serve the Lord at the ministry of Adult and Teen Challenge doing exactly what I love to do. I have the opportunity to mentor ladies as we create menus and meals. Bringing the warmth, joy and love into the kitchen that I grew up with is beyond anything I could have imagined.


To contact Darlene Petruccillo: dpetruccillo@tcrhodeisland.org


Program Supervisor 


My entire life all I ever wanted was unconditional love and acceptance, because I never found that growing up, as I got older I looked for other things to fill that void in my life. I looked to relationships, alcohol and drugs. After becoming homeless and living a criminal lifestyle I was able to get periods of clean time on and off for years, but no real change. At the age of 25 I had my daughter and the relationship with her father was toxic. Eventually, I met my husband and we had our son. By the time our son turned one, we relapsed together. We lost everything, even lost our marriage. In what seemed like a moment’s time I went from being a stay at home mom to homeless and living a criminal lifestyle again, doing whatever I had to do to not feel the pain of not being with my children. I cried out to a God I never knew and told Him; if He saved my life, I would do whatever I had to do to be the mother He always intended for me to be. Thirty-three days later I entered Teen Challenge Rhode Island and it was the best thing I ever did. I graduated the program and stayed on for the Apprenticeship. After six months, I was hired on as full-time staff. Today, There is no doubt that God has a plan and a purpose for my life. Because of God and this program, I am a great mom today, the mother He always intended for me to be. I am so blessed everyday that I work here, to help other women to come to the freedom, through Christ, that I have now.


To contact Danielle Mottram: dmottram@tcrhodeisland.org

stephTCStephanie Chenes

Resident Life Supervisor 


I grew up in a Christian home where I was always taught to give my whole heart to others, even if sometimes you feel you have nothing to give at all. In my early 20’s I experienced two major losses within the same year, one of whom was my dear father, who helped start the ministry of jewelry making here at Teen Challenge Rhode Island. As a result, I have dedicated my life to help women who also have experienced pain, grief and heartache. The ministry of Teen Challenge has always been such a blessing in my life. As I watch God’s handiwork here daily, it is my prayer and hope that I too will be a vessel for God in the lives of these ladies.


To contact Stephanie Chenes: schenes@tcrhodeisland.org

Patrick Reihl

Church Services Coordinator 


I have confessed Jesus as Lord since I was fifteen, and He has been so patient in His grace toward me over the years. Upon graduating high school, I met the love of my life and wanted to marry her even before I knew her name! Today, Miranda and I have been married almost five years and we have two beautiful children: Judah and Vela.
After many years of serving in youth ministry and working various jobs on the side, in November 2018, God moved our family from Connecticut to Rhode Island as I stepped into the role of Church Services Coordinator at Teen Challenge Rhode Island. I could have never imagined God leading me to minister full time at a women’s home, but His ways are above ours!

In this ministry God is changing lives one story at a time, and I am honoured to be a part of that. It is a joy building relationships with pastors and churches to further the Gospel, and to bring hope to the lives of these women bound by addiction. I love working with the choir as we minister through testimony and song – proclaiming FREEDOM in the Name of Jesus Christ!


To contact Patrick Reihl: preihl@tcrhodeisland.org

Krista Guzman

Program Development Coordinator 


I have spent half of my life struggling to achieve sobriety. I attended four meetings a day, numerous residential programs, and read many self-help books. This was a constant battle because it was always through my own strength, but I was able to accumulate nearly ten years of sobriety. I had a great job, held positions in the church and graduated college with honors. I had what the world would look at as “having it all together”.

Unfortunately, this life wasn’t sustainable because my foundation was not built on Christ. When I went through Teen Challenge, I learned that there were many emotional wounds from my childhood that I had never dealt with that kept resurfacing. I surrendered to God and allowed Him to work in my heart so I could not only help myself but be fully equipped to help others.  I learned how to have a real relationship with God, not one based on what I could do for Him but on knowing Him. Today, my feelings are not based on outward things but on allowing God to be a part of my life and to work in and through my life. I am the kind of mother my children deserves and the wife my husband has always prayed for. I am truly grateful to be called by God to Teen Challenge Rhode Island and to serve the ladies God brings here. What I have gone through in life can now be used to teach others that they too can come out on the other side.


To contact Krista Guzman: kguzman@tcrhodeisland.org